'One Day at a Time' Back on Netflix Jan. 26

The second season premieres January 26 in its entirety on Netflix.

One Day at a Time is produced by Act III Productions, Inc., Snowpants Productions and Small Fish Studios in association with Sony Pictures Television.

The Family's All Here!

Watch Justina Machado, Rita Moreno and the rest of the One Day family announce the Season 2 premiere date and pay hilarious homage to the original series with a frame-for-frame recreation the opening credits HERE.

Take a look at the new trailer above, and compare it to the classic opening credits below. Norman Lear executive produces, with Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce executive producing and co-showrunning. Michael Garcia and Brent Miller exec produce the show too.

The sitcom, which updates Norman Lear's classic about a single mother, premiered last January to strong critical acclaim, gaining notices for its amusing, nuanced take on Cuban-American identity and other sensitive topics such as sexuality and veterans' rights.

One Day at a Time also stars Stephen Tobolowsky and Todd Grinnell, with Isabella Gómez and Marcel Ruiz playing Machado's kids. A single mother who is a military veteran raises a couple strong-willed children, with help from her mother and the building's superintendent.