NBA Plans to Put a Minor-League Team in Mexico City

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The NBA intends to add a G League affiliate team in Mexico City, which "could begin play as early as next season", according to the New York Times. The reports timing should maximize attention, with the Nets in town for two "home" games this week, and it's the latest step in the NBA's push to expand the game globally.

While stressing that his league is not actively pursuing expansion or relocation for any of its 30 current franchises, Commissioner Adam Silver has described Mexico City as a natural contender for an eventual N.B.A. team on numerous occasions this year. These games will comprise the 25th-anniversary celebration of its first exhibition game in Mexico in 1992 and the 20th anniversary of its first regular-season game, dating back to December 6, 1987.

The franchise would be owned and operated locally and could start up as soon as next season, according to the sources, who spoke anonymously.

He adds that the league is also looking to expand the G-League to 30 teams with a G-League team associated with each National Basketball Association team as a direct minor league, but a potential Mexico City team would likely be "owned and operated separate from the National Basketball Association".