Last day in the legislature for Brad Wall

Last day in the legislature for Brad Wall

Last day in the legislature for Brad Wall

It was a lively final session in the Saskatchewan Legislature for Premier Brad Wall, who will officially retire from politics early in 2018.

After almost 20 years as an MLA, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall will mark his last day in the legislature Thursday.

It will also be Premier Brad Wall's last day in the legislative assembly.

That faded in recent months after his government tabled an austerity budget in the spring.

He was acclaimed leader of the Saskatchewan Party following the party's defeat in the 2003 provincial election.

Tearfully, Minister of Environment Dustin Duncan recalled first meeting Wall while in university in 2001, when the future premier came to speak to the youth wing of the Saskatchewan Party.

Four years later, he cruised to his second mandate as the Saskatchewan Party took more than 60 per cent of the popular vote along with 49 of 58 seats in the legislature - the largest popular vote garnered by a party since 1912.

Wall announced his retirement in August after serving as the Premier for almost a decade and leading the Saskatchewan Party since 2004.

He will stay on as premier and leader of the Saskatchewan Party until January 27, 2018 when a new leader is chosen.