Interns' Questions on LGBT Rights and More Throw Jeff Sessions Off Balance

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A Washington University law student identifying herself only as Elisa asked why, since guns kill more people than marijuana does, he supports "pretty harsh marijuana policies and pretty lax gun control laws".

"The Second Amendment, you're aware of that?"

ABC News reported the video came from a summer intern lecture series event June 22 that featured Sessions taking questions for 25 minutes from college students working at the Department of Justice.

Sessions starts laughing at the intern's question before she can finish. I believe last year was the first year that automobile accidents that occurred were found to have been caused more by drugs than by alcohol...

"Dr. Whatever Your Name Is, you can write the [American Medical Association] and see why they think otherwise", he added later, referring to the intern's opinion of marijuana's health effects.

In the video, when a University of California, Berkeley, law school remarked he "grew up in the projects to a single mother, and the people who we are afraid of are not necessarily our neighbors but the police", Sessions shot back: "Well, that may be the view in Berkeley, but it's not the view in most places in the country".

He asked the intern whether she believed that, to which she responded, "uhhh..."

"Well that may be the view in Berkley, but it's not the view in most places in the country", Sessions replied. Professor Jonathan Simon said, "It wasn't Berkeley it was Alabama and Selma that got students from here going in the sixties and right now it's what's happening to immigrants, what's happening to young people color in our cities". He said the administration is "fully committed to maintaining civil rights for every American".

Watch the full video below.