"Happiest Christmas song" performed at intu Lakeside

"Happiest Christmas song" performed at intu Lakeside

The three minute track has been created as part of intu's pledge to make shoppers smile and features sleigh bells ringing in the chorus and 21 mentions of the word "Christmas" - proven to evoke happiness in people.

Listening to everything from Mariah Carey to Michael Bublé, Bennett created eight thematic categories that the songs fell into: home, being in love, losing love, partying, Santa, snow, religious themes, and peace on earth.

The end result is a song called Love's Not Just For Christmas, which has been recorded by the London Community Gospel Choir.

Britney Spears' songwriter Steve Anderson has teamed up with musicologists, composers and choirs to create the ultimate Christmas song. A majority of the songs were also in major key and 4/4 time.

"There is no simple formula for a successful song, and in practice songwriters combine their own experience, musical skills, and personal creative preferences when writing", explained Bennett, reports the Stoke Sentinel. "But we can infer listeners" favoured song characteristics by analysing the most popular recordings - in this case, Christmas songs.

Love them or hate them, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the usual barrage of festive tunes.

Steve said: "Over the years I have been lucky enough to have written and produced Christmas tracks and albums for a number of artists including Kylie, Susan Boyle and Harriet, who co wrote this song with me". Regardless of what kind of Christmas music you fancy - tried-and-true classics or revamped pop hits - there's a new song dubbed the "Happiest Christmas Song of All Time", that you'll want to add into your rotation.