Eminem Talks 'Revival,' Drugs, Dre and Trump in Interview With Elton John

Eminem Talks 'Revival,' Drugs, Dre and Trump in Interview With Elton John

Eminem Talks 'Revival,' Drugs, Dre and Trump in Interview With Elton John

Elton and Em had a chat for Interview Magazine, as Elton waxed poetically about his Grammy cohort, discussing everything from the new album, to their shared affinity for songwriting, the genius of Dr. Dre and more.

Check out the entire interview, including some glowing words form Elton about Eminem at Interview magazine here.

Over the summer, 2 Chainz took to social media to share news that he was recently in the studio with Eminem.

I've been working on it for over a year. The album is called Revival. I've tried to make a little something for everyone. "When Dre walked in, it was like an out-of-body experience", he recalled. There was a period when I stayed up writing for 48 hours straight and ended up crashing at, like, 6 in the morning. Dre said, 'You've gotta build your house before you can let your friends come in, ' and it made so much sense to me.

He and I go at it during the making of every album, and sometimes we're on the same page and sometimes we're not.

It was about having the right to stand up to oppression. I mean, that's exactly what the people in the military and the people who have given their lives for this country have fought for-for everybody to have a voice and to protest injustices and speak out against shit that's wrong. "One of the things we were trying to mimic was Public Enemy's "You're Gonna Get Yours" cover," Em said. But s- is going on that we want to make you aware of. We have a president who does not care about everybody in our country; he is not the president for all of us, he is the president for some of us.

I know what I will be doing on the 15th - and that's listening to the album from start to finish. "We had many discussions about how I wanted to bring in my group D12 and put them on right away". But we have issues that we need to work on and we need to do better. I still feel like America is the greatest country to live in.