Elon Musk Shares Used Falcon 9, Dragon Photos For Upcoming NASA Delivery

Source Tesla

Source Tesla

Elon Musk, founder and boss of SpaceX, wants to send his Tesla red convertible in deep space to Mars to the edge of his new fuse of large capacity, "Falcon Heavy", whose first flight is expected at the earliest in January next year.

Saturn V, the rocket used for the Apollo missions to the Moon, could launch 118 tons on low orbit.

With 27 rockets and the ability to launch almost three times the amount of payload into orbit SpaceX is hoping its new rocket will become the gold standard for sending equipment and humans into space.

He also tweeted playfully that the rocket's payload will be his "midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity".

The Falcon Heavy Rocket is an engineering marvel, created to carry crew and supplies to various deep space destinations like the moon and Mars. In a weird intersection of the two unrelated companies, Elon Musk's electric auto, the powerful Tesla Roadster, is set to be launched into orbit around Mars in the upcoming expedition from SpaceX.

It is a significant part of the plans initiated by Mr Musk to "make human life multi-planetary" which involves building a self-sustaining, one-million-person civilization on Mars, as announced last September and published in his book titled Making Humans a Multi-Planetary Species.

According to the company, The Falcon Heavy will be the world's most powerful rocket by a factor or two, and capable of lifting almost 120,000 pounds into Earth orbit.

SpaceX also plans to be able to recover all three rocket cores that power the "Falcon Heavy", just like it has done over the a year ago with main rocket booster stage of its "Falcon 9" rockets, according to The Verge.

The first flight of Falcon Heavy has been pushed back on several occasions. More details will be published about the launch as they are disclosed by the company. As of October 2017, Musk has an estimated net worth of $20.8 billion.