Cowboys to make jersey history Sunday vs. Giants

Is Orlando Scandrick In The Cowboys' 2017 Plans

Is Orlando Scandrick In The Cowboys' 2017 Plans

The Cowboys will wear blue jerseys with white trousers for the first time ever.

The article points out that the Cowboys generally wear their silver trousers with the blue jerseys, but at the request of Dez Bryant, team merchandisers and others, they're pairing blue on white for the first time.

So the Cowboys are wearing their navy road jerseys.

The Cowboys faithful seem to be very protective when it comes to their uniforms, so it'll be interesting to see how the fanbase responds to the new look as well as the general idea of messing with the uniform combinations that have remained so consistent for so many years.

Per equipment manager Mike McCord, it's the first time in franchise history for this color combination.

The Cowboys normally wear silver trousers with their navy blue tops.

He said the Cowboys had to first get approval from the league because it's considered a uniform change.

For the first time in team history, the Dallas Cowboys will wear navy jerseys with white trousers when they play the Giants at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.