YOU BEAUTY: The Australian Parliament Has Voted Yes To Marriage Equality

How Australians reacted to same-sex marriage vote

How Australians reacted to same-sex marriage vote

Australia's parliament passed a bill legalising same-sex marriage Thursday after the nation overwhelmingly voted in favour of changing the law, ending decades of political wrangling.

The 33-year-old primary school teacher responded "yes", which was recorded in the official parliamentary record.

Only four MPs in the lower house voted against a private bill on Thursday, just over a week after it was agreed to by the Senate.

If any changes are made to the bill then Parliament will be forced to stay until tomorrow, when it can then be passed.

From heartfelt to bizarrely offensive, the debates to allow same-sex marriage couples to marry became emotionally charged ahead of the final vote on same-sex marriage on December 7.

Gay rights advocates have celebrated outside Australia's Parliament House in anticipation of same-sex marriage being legalized within hours.

The bill is now law, pending royal assent from the Governor-General, which is a ceremonial process.

Turnbull, a gay marriage supporter, says he wants wedding celebrants, not just those affiliated with churches, to have the right to refuse to officiate at same-sex marriages.

"It's time for more marriages, more commitment, more love, more respect".

"The bill which the Senate passed is a robust bill, a whole range of religious protections are already in place", Entsch said in introducing the bill. Gay marriage was endorsed by 62 percent of Australian voters who responded to a government-commissioned postal ballot by last month.