WarGames interactive TV series gets first teaser

Watch: First Look at 'War Games' Reboot

Watch: First Look at 'War Games' Reboot

Interactive media group Eko revealed the first teaser for the upcoming interactive series that reimagines the 1983 Matthew Broderick film in modern times.

The game is a mix of video and interactive story, similar to the award-winning Her Story, from the same creator, Sam Barlow. The scenes from the #WarGames series is barely distinguishable from the real-life footage, with the main character and hacker Kelly appearing simply through her webcam before the screen explodes into an array of other screens and webcam users.

In 1983 the film WarGames was released and is starred Matthew Broderick as David Lightman where he unwittingly played a war simulation against a supercomputer which nearly led to nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

The series is only loosely based on the original movie and seems to have much more in common with Mr. Robot. However, it's not yet clear how viewers will interact with #WarGames. Her Story, which is worth a visit if you haven't played it, puts you in the role of a detective in the early '90s piecing together why a man went missing from interviews with his wife, with the goal of figuring out the questions being asked from the answers.

Eko first announced the project two years ago, and still hasn't revealed distribution plans.