The Bachelorette's Peter Kraus Reveals He Suffered From an Eating Disorder

Peter Kraus was the runner-up in Rachel Lindsey's season of The Bachelorette and he instantly became one of the most beloved contestants of all times, so much so that an entirely new show has been developed with him in mind. He once suffered from an eating disorder.

He writes, "11 years ago I began a modeling career that took me all over the world".

He says that he was blindly trying to keep up with the competition and his male counterparts and slipped into the painful and awful habits that come with disordered eating. "For two years I struggled in silence, always trying but never knowing how to compete with my counterparts. In the winter of 2007 I hit rock bottom and decided that it was finally time to take charge of my health and fitness and learn how to do things the right way", Peter revealed on Instagram.

After enrolling in the dietetics program at Milwaukee Area Technical College, he eventually graduated with honors and competed in his first Ironman triathlon. But what I am most thankful for from my 9-year career (2 years since retired), is my introduction to fitness.

"Embrace the sh*t sometimes". Learn from it, pick your ass up off the floor and get moving forward and upward again. "Some times from the darkest places shines the brightest light". But whether or not Kraus is in fact someone you're still keeping tabs on, one of his most recent Instagram posts is most definitely worth giving your attention to, if only for how personal it is and how helpful it could be to others who may find themselves in a similar situation.