Taylor Swift Has Yet to Receive $1 From Court Case Win

Taylor Swift Has Yet to Receive $1 From Court Case Win

Taylor Swift Has Yet to Receive $1 From Court Case Win

Music superstar Taylor Swift tells Time magazine that a former Denver radio disc jockey who lost a trial decision against her in federal court in Denver has yet to hand over the symbolic $1 fine a jury ordered him to pay.

Quotes from Swift's clear-eyed testimony soon hit the Internet, and people were quick to laud her for being so unwavering.

Swift also admits that leading up to the case, news outlets weren't giving the songwriter a fair shake, and that on her first day in a Denver courtroom, there was an audible gasp from the gallery - spectators assumed it was Swift suing the DJ for millions, and were surprised to hear her named as the defendant, not just plaintiff. " The singer made the list after winning a case against DJ David Mueller following a groping incident she says took place in 2013 - but her battle against him remains unfinished". She informed his superiors and he was subsequently fired from his radio job.

Swift agreed that the #metoo movement and the countless powerful men who have been taken down and exposed for sexual harassment prove "important for awareness".

Mueller claimed the photo of the meet and greet, which was the main point of evidence for both the defense and plaintiff, was the result of him jumping in the photo at the last second.

After this experience, what advice would you give to your fans? "You might be made to feel like you're overreacting, because society has made this stuff seem so casual". Swift, meanwhile, has donated her own money to charities that support sexual assault victims, including Mariska Hargitay's Joyful Heart Foundation.

Swift's straightforward testimony was widely reported at the time, and she explained that that was the only way to counteract what she'd been through. "My advice is that you not blame yourself and do not accept the blame others will try to place on you", she said.

Is this a watershed moment for the way we think about sexual assault and harassment in culture? You should not be blamed for waiting 15 minutes or 15 days or 15 years to report sexual assault or harassment, or for the outcome of what happens to a person after he or she makes the choice to sexually harass or assault you,"T-Swizz told the mag".

"This is the fastest moving social change we've seen in decades, and it began by individual acts of courage by women, and some men, too, who came forward", Time's editor in chief Ed Helms said. Going to court to confront this type of behavior is a lonely and draining experience, even when you win, even when you have the financial ability to defend yourself.

During her court proceedings, Taylor turned to the "Rainbow" singer, who is now embroiled in her own legal battle against her former producer Dr. Luke, whom she claims sexually assaulted and emotionally abused her.

"Even though awareness is higher than ever about workplace sexual harassment, there are still so many people who feel victimised, afraid and silenced by their abusers and circumstances".

This interview has been edited and condensed.