Tax protesters at Collins' Office Charged With Trespassing

Bangor Residents Protest Senate Tax Bill

Bangor Residents Protest Senate Tax Bill

With reporters looking for updates, Sen. Susan Collins' Bangor office over her support for the overhaul of the tax code have been arrested on a trespassing charge.

"We are staying until we talk to Senator Collins by phone or in person unless we are arrested", protester Jim Betts, 66, of Winthrop said just before 5 p.m. from inside Collins' office in the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building. The protesters say the bill will only benefit the wealthy and big corporations.

Senator Collins believes that, in time, this bill will actually lower the debt.

In response to the protest, Collins told the Bangor Daily News, "I always welcome hearing the views of my constituents". Sarah Bigney was one of them inside and was streaming it live on Facebook.

Passing the recent tax bill - which is based on the voodoo economics that began the undermining of the health of America's hardworking middle class and working poor - was little more than a last-minute scramble by the Senate to pull something out for the White House after a year fraught with chaos and poorly crafted policies - many, like this one, simply created to provide welfare for those who need it least.