Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle DLC Adds Free PvP Mode, Out Tomorrow

Mario + Rabbids new screens

Mario + Rabbids new screens

One of this year's best surprises is about to get even better, with a free local multiplayer Versus mode heading to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

It's local head to head where two players take turns to battle it out, either sharing a pair of Joy-Con or using the Switch Pro Controller. Notably, Versus mode will only provide three actions for players per turn. The characters do not carry over stats and gear from the single-player campaign; instead, each character is balanced and comes with different premade loadouts.

Players can select a party of three heroes from the game's roster of eight, and apply one of three different skill and statistic load-outs.

Ubisoft said Versus mode matches in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are meant to be "short and snappy", and players can choose to limit the number of rounds and set time limits on turns. Ubisoft pulled off the seemingly impossible at the end of August, and now they're adding to the game with a free Versus mode that is out tomorrow, 8th December.

Surprising and random bonus items are available on the battlefields, conferring additional actions, double damage or other advantages to the player who collects them.