Many Nigerians in Libya don't want to return-FG

"The charge d' affairs said a number of Nigerians (and not all of them) do not want to come home".

He further revealed that despite the refusal of some Nigerians to come home, the federal government is still in talks with officials of Nigeria's Charge D'Affairs in Libya to repatriate more Nigerians who are willing to come home.

"I want the public to know that we have some Nigerians who are not willing to return despite the unfavorable situations and the fact is that we can't get them on the flight without their consent".

"Migration is natural and has always happened but becomes an issue when there are people migrating illegally meaning the migrants arrive without proper documentations and hide their identity".

Mr. Fachano added that there were challenges in extracting Nigerians from Libya which required the assistance of the government.

"We, the embassy of Nigeria in Tripoli, Libya, have been doing our best to register Nigerians".

This is even as 300 other Nigerians are to be repatriated from Libya every week.

"We have visited the detention camps, and also collaborated with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to repatriate migrants weekly".

"I can confirm that the stories of Africans being bought as slaves in general is true, however, we discovered other people who were bought and sold by their fellow Nigerians living in Europe", he said.

Of this figure, the government said 250 were repatriated on December 5.

Fachano said the government would continue to make efforts to save Nigerians that are trapped in Libya.