Man whose relatives died mysteriously denies allegations

Man whose relatives died mysteriously denies allegations

Man whose relatives died mysteriously denies allegations

A Vermont man denies in court papers allegations that he killed his millionaire grandfather in 2013.

Attorneys for Nathan Carman are asking a New Hampshire probate judge to throw out a petition filed by his aunt's seeking to have him declared the murderer of his grandfather, arguing that the dead man wasn't a legal resident of the state.

Carman also denies knowing whether or not his mother had her cell phone when she went on a fishing trip with him on September 17, 2016.

Nathan Carmen's mother Linda, from Middletown Connecticut, is presumed dead.


They never charged Carman in the case but Carman's aunts believe he is responsible and therefore should not be entitled to an inheritance.

Linda Carman's three sisters - Valerie Santilli, Elaine Chakalos, and Charlene Gallagher - argue in their suit that "the facts uncovered to date warrant a finding that Nathan killed his grandfather".

The two had been on a fishing trip when their boat sank.

Linda Carman was never found. John Chakalos gave generously and consistently for many decades to the local library and police and fire departments, as well as charities that cared for New Hampshire families in need.

The Chakalos family issued a statement saying "John Chakalos was a long time resident of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, and a well-known, active member of the community". It also raises questions about whether the boat sank in the spot where Nathan Carman claims, alleging that the life raft "could not have drifted from Block Canyon to the position where Nathan was rescued". He also denied deploying the life raft that only he ended up on, but admits that "at some point his provisions made it to the life raft".

The lawsuit claims Nathan put on a life vest, got in the life boat with a bag of provisions and left his mom behind.

The suit also claims, "Prior to leaving shore, Nathan removed the trim tabs from the boat, which left patched holes that made the boat more unsafe and easier to sink".

The lawyers also make a motion to dismiss.

In the response, he admits he moved the tabs but denies the rest. "He loved the home that he and his wife Rita had built and which they shared with the surrounding community every Christmas".