IPhone X vs. iPhone 8 durability; Tim Cook keeps talking in China

IPhone X vs. iPhone 8 durability; Tim Cook keeps talking in China

IPhone X vs. iPhone 8 durability; Tim Cook keeps talking in China

Then again, if Apple sticks to the bezel-less design, a 5.8-inch iPhone should feel fairly close in the hand to a 4.7-inch iPhone 8, 7 or 6. This is in spite of Apple's decision to move forward with OLED screens for its flagship handsets. The "Plus" model is expected to come with a larger 6.5-inch display.

Additionally, with the metal back on the 6.1-inch iPhone, Apple will also be able to make it more colorful since producing various color options in glass has proven to be hard.

While Consumer Reports called the phone an "innovative device with a fantastic camera and handsome display", the iPhone X lost to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in a full comparison of the phones because it was flimsy.

The tests showed that the iPhone 8 fared better after being dropped or damaged than the iPhone X, even though the latter made it to the top 10 smartphone list.

According to KGI Securities, the 2018 LCD iPhone would "differ significantly" from the OLED models.

LG Display has been a solid partner of Apple over the last 10 years, providing liquid crystal displays until the United States smartphone maker turned to Samsung Electronics for OLED screens for the iPhone X for the first time. The device is expected to cost less than the iPhone X successor, for it is sporting a liquid crystal display. While the new handset will likely be more durable, with less glass to shatter accidentally, it may drop the ability to wirelessly charge.

The same source revealed that Pegatron subsidiary Casetek could become the supplier of the metal backs for the 6.1-inch iPhone units.

Citing a source "privy to the company's product designs", Nikkei's report today claims Apple will unveil three new iPhones in 2018.

While iPhone rumors are a dime a dozen, especially this soon after a brand new release, it's worth noting that the Nikkei report aligns up nicely with a previous research note from Ming-Chi Kuo, largely considered the most accurate Apple analyst on the planet.

Apple is reportedly working on a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that's scheduled for release in 2018.

One point not referenced by Nikkei, and brought up by Kuo in a previous investor note, is that the aforementioned 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model will feature an edgeless display.

Switching from OLED to LCD wouldn't be a big deal, provided that it entails a lower price. Kuo, however, stated that all three 2018 models would debut with full-screen, edge-to-edge displays and the TrueDepth camera system that's now featured on the 10th anniversary iPhone.