Woman guilty in murder plan collapses after verdict

Woman guilty in murder plan collapses after verdict

Woman guilty in murder plan collapses after verdict

A California woman and her gun instructor were found guilty Monday of attempted murder and conspiracy in what authorities said was a murder-for-hire plot gone awry, PEOPLE confirms.

The Californian couple were in a fierce custody battle for their young son in September past year when Lovejoy hired her gun instructor as an assassin, The San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Judge Sim von Kalinowski cleared the courtroom so Lovejoy could receive medical attention. She eventually regained consciousness, and was taken out of court, bound at the hands and feet.

Lovejoy, of Carlsbad, faces at least 25 years to life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for December 12. That payment was due weeks after he was shot. It was drawing to a close, with shared custody and an agreement that Lovejoy would pay Mulvihill $120,000.

Lawyers for McDavid and Lovejoy argued during the two-week trial that there was never any plan to kill Mulvihill - despite the fact that McDavid fired several shots at him and hit him in the side with one.

The question was whether the expert gunman did it as a $2,000 hired hitman, or whether he was simply trying to shoot out the light in Mulvihill's left hand.

Jurors who deliberated two days before reaching their verdicts told the San Diego Union-Tribune they didn't believe McDavid's testimony.

"We rejected his story pretty much off the bat", said a 63-year-old male juror who declined to give his name.

They linked McDavid to the crime through feces found in the bushes in which the witness' claimed they'd seen someone holding a gun.

Cries could be heard as Ms Lovejoy fainted and law enforcement tried to revive her.

Lovejoy's own aunt told the court a year before the shooting her niece asked if she knew someone who could scare or harm her husband.

Detectives determined that Lovejoy met McDavid Jr. when she started taking shooting lessons from him at Iron Sights in Oceanside. He later installed a security system in her home. McDavid was also found guilty of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. He told Mulvihill that he would provide evidence showing that Mulvihill was abusive, and that he would leave that evidence on a pole along a dirt path of Avenida Soledad, near Rancho Santa Fe.

When he arrived on the shady path some time after 11 p.m. on September 1, 2016, Mulvihill spotted McDavid in the bushes.

Lovejoy and Mulvihill's custody battle was characterized by a chorus of nasty accusations; she alleged that he sexually abused her and their son, and that he was a drug addict.