Utah man: School mascot phoenix sounds too much like 'penis'

Petition works to change Utah high school mascot that sounds like male anatomy	 	 	 			Future high school in Farmington

Petition works to change Utah high school mascot that sounds like male anatomy Future high school in Farmington

After first hearing about the mascot of Phoenix, I was practicing some cheers for the upcoming school year with a couple of my neighbors just for fun.

Why? Because he thinks the current mascot, "The Phoenix", sounds too much like "penis".

The word's similarity to "penises" apparently got him and his fellow cool dads a-gigglin', and soon thereafter, he launched a petition asking the school to change the name.

He adds that it would only take one person to figure out the link between the plural form of "phoenix" and the male genitals.

The mascot - a mythical firebird said to be indestructible as it regenerates itself by rising from the ashes - was popularly chosen by students from the neighboring Davis and Viewmont high schools, as well as by junior high students who will eventually attend the school, according to a Davis School District release. So we changed our cheer to, "Go Phoenices!"

The petition explains, when cheering for the team, no one will say "go, phoenix, ' and instead use the plural form of phoenix, saying "go, phoenices". I don't mean to be crass, but don't want there to be confusion around the point I am trying to make", Fraughton wrote on his Change.org petition.

"We don't see anything about the plural version of phoenix having anything to do what's going to be happening at the school or on the football field", said Williams. "I'm confident that the district does not want to bear the responsibility of our children being bullied as a result of our school mascot", he wrote. However, the reality is that this has already started to happen in our own community as word has gotten out about this oversight. None of these schools experienced the grievances predicted by Fraughton, in spite of referring to "phoenices" or "phoenixes".

With this scenario playing out, there will be a never ending barrage of references to male anatomy directed at our children as they participate in any kind of sports against other schools. In an effort to be amusing and get under the player's skin, opposing student bodies will most certainly chant things such as, "Go Phoenices!" But the grammar of the mascot's name anxious local dad Kyle Fraughton once he discovered that the plural of Phoenix is "Phoenices". At publication time, almost 3,000 people have signed the petition for a new school mascot. He pleads for the school distract to change the "well-intentioned, but potentially risky choice".