Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is free now!

StarCraft 2 Is Now Free-to-play

StarCraft 2 Is Now Free-to-play

After long years of waiting; the second game in the series, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty was out, and I remember it like yesterday -hell, it's been 7 seven years since its worldwide release.

If you're wondering if there are strings attached to the announcement, it appears there are not. Upon entering free-to-play, the original Wings of Liberty single-player campaign has become available to all players, along with access to the competitive scene. It is the first episode in the SC2 trilogy. This comes into effect starting today, meaning you can play through the entire Wings of Liberty campaign and StarCraft 2's ranked multiplayer mode at no cost.

If you're a fan of the co-op commander system, you can play them all for free up to level 5. Players will unlock access to this after achieving ten "First Wins of the Day" in unranked or versus modes. However, you'll need to claim it between November 8th and December 8th to get it for free. So yep, despite going free-to-play, Starcraft II won't feature any extra currencies or microtransactions. You'll see Raynor and Kerrigan as well as Artanis, all three of whom are always free without restriction.

Don't be surprised if you have a little difficulty getting connected at first, or if the software produces a few odd error messages - both of which happened to me along the way.

StarCraft 2's expansions, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will continue to be sold as an additional purchase, as will the Nova Covert Ops. There is also a bundle for $40.

Lastly, if you own all three episodes, you'll be sent a small thank-you gift of a new Ghost skin as well as three new portraits.

A new onboarding experience will also help new players find the game modes that make the most sense for them, whether you're looking for a co-op experience or want to jump straight into the PVP ranked ladder.

You can learn all of the details on the official site.