Self: Billy Preston to sit out against Kentucky



"On Saturday, Billy was involved in a single-vehicle incident on-campus", coach Bill Self said in a statement released by the program. "There were no injuries but Billy's vehicle sustained damage".

Kansas star freshman Billy Preston will not play in Tuesday's game against Kentucky due to an internal investigation following a auto accident.

"After I learned about the incident, I reported it to our administration", Self said. A few possibilities here: Kansas has some sort of encoded standard for determining discipline over a player crashing his own vehicle.

There's some mighty curious language around that phrase "needed a clearer financial picture specific to the vehicle", which makes clear that this is an internal investigation and not an official legal one.

Self said Preston was informed of the decision to hold him out against No. 7-ranked Wildcats before a pregame meal.

"Needless to say he was disappointed and crushed", Self said.

The highly-recruited Preston missed Friday's season-opening win against Tennessee State after he missed curfew and didn't attend class on Friday.

Preston's absence again leaves the Jayhawks with just seven scholarship players available for Tuesday's game, only two of which are big men.