Notre Dame fans get into it with Miami fans during Saturday's blowout

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College football fans can do better than Notre Dame and Miami fans.

It escalates when a man wearing a ball cap and a gray and black shirt says something to and then lightly shoves another man wearing an orange T-shirt.

This causes the fan in the hat to go after the person with the drink and he starts throwing his fists.

Perhaps these fans were bored, as No. 2 Miami coasted to a 41-8 win over No. 9 Notre Dame.

The scuffle comes one week after a fan slapped a police officer as she was being removed from the stadium for disorderly conduct.

After falling to the ground, the Miami fan gets up and continues to try to throw punches before others step in to break up the fight.

Eventually, bystanders appear to pull the feuding men away from each other and the cellphone video ends.

According to the Miami Herald, nobody called 911 and no arrests were made. Miami remains unbeaten while the loss was the second of the season for the Irish, who are now likely not going to finish in the top four to qualify for a playoff spot.