Myanmar military denies atrocities against Rohingya Muslims

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Second planet discovered outside our solar system could support life

Turkey's state-run aid agency has provided winter aid to Rohingya Muslims who have crossed into Bangladesh to escape violence and persecution in Myanmar's Rakhine state.

However, it was still unknown whether the meeting will tackle the ongoing Rohingya Muslim minority crisis in Myanmar, a controversial issue for Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who has been accused of not doing enough to solve the crisis.

New York-based Human Rights Watch said the military's latest claims were "contrary to a large and growing body of evidence" documenting severe rights abuses in Myanmar.

In a report on Monday, the military said it had "abided by laws" during the "security operations" in northern Rakhine state, prompting global rights groups to clan that it is whitewashing ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity targeting the Rohingya. United Nations officials and some world leaders have in fact described the treatment of Rohingya as "ethnic cleansing".

The Myanmar military and government have denied accusations that security personnel burned Rohingya villages and indiscriminately killed, tortured, and raped residents, despite testimony to the contrary by survivors and satellite imagery of the ravaged communities.

The refugees have told how the Myanmar military conducted a systematic campaign of murder against Rohingya men, women and children, including babies.

"She has said what she will do, and ASEAN must make comments on Myanmar only after waiting and seeing what she does", he said. He added that the British government is appalled by the atrocities being committed in Rakhine State. "The Secretary-General highlighted that strengthened efforts to ensure humanitarian access, safe, dignified, voluntary and sustained returns, as well as true reconciliation between communities, would be essential", the United Nations said in a statement.

Washington, D.C. -based Refugees International called on Tillerson on Tuesday to recognize the Rohingya crisis as ethnic cleansing, a term that the US government has so far refused to use.

No decision yet for army deployment in next general election says CEC
No decision yet for army deployment in next general election says CEC

The military's self-exoneration came as US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson prepared to visit Myanmar today for talks with leaders.

"This trip can not become an endorsement of the current state of affairs in Myanmar", he said.

The Myanmar Police Force and Border Guard Bangladesh hold a conference to discuss border security in Myanmar's capital Naypyidaw, Nov. 14, 2017.

Dujarric said the number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh has increased to 618,000 over the weekend.

Speaking in September, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abul Hasan Mahmood Ali said around 3,000 Rohingya had been killed in the crackdown.

"After that, Myanmar will accept refugees back by forming joint committees", he said.

"We have seen a great need for shelter for these people".

Reported by Khin Khin Ei, and Win Ko Ko Latt for RFA's Myanmar Service.