HTC launches Vive Focus, shelves Daydream plans

HTC scraps one VR headset and announces another

HTC scraps one VR headset and announces another

Jason Fan, chief operation officer of Beijing Chuansong Technologies Co Ltd, a startup which developed a wireless solution for HTC Vive, said the new VR product is a right move to educate consumers what VR is by bringing down the price of VR headsets.

Taiwan-based HTC Corp unveiled a premium standalone virtual reality headset for the mainland market on Tuesday, as part of its broad efforts to target young consumers with a more affordable device. Even though the Taiwanese firm has officially introduced the Vive Focus VR headset, it has not disclosed its specifications. It is company's first standalone VR headset - which can be used without any smartphone or PC. It features a high-resolution AMOLED screen and it is fueled by Snapdragon 835 chipset. This gives you the opportunity HTC Vive Focus to be fully Autonomous and independent from external sensors.

On Tuesday, HTC also unveiled Vive Wave, a VR open platform and toolset that is created to promote the development of mobile VR by reducing the time and effort needed to transform PC VR content into those suitable for mobile devices. "This is HTC's open platform for VR, meaning that our games, without extra work, now are playable on many VR headsets of different manufacturers", Pillow's Willow VR studios CEO Andy Lürling mentions; 'This really can be seen as a new step to maturity of the VR market'.

Also the game developer is satisfied with HTC's new developments. However, availability of the Vive Focus is now unknown. There is no confirmation on whether the VR headset will be made available in western markets. Google has confirmed that a standalone daydream headset by Lenovo will be heading towards the U.S.