Former WSU football player charged in wife's murder

Former WSU football player charged in wife's murder

Former WSU football player charged in wife's murder

A resident of the complex called police at 1:27 say someone was crawling on his stomach through the corridors. The officer on the scene told prosecutors that McClanahan picked himself up just enough to signal the officer before falling back to the ground, where he started convulsing.

McClanahan initially told officers he, his wife and baby had been attacked, but investigators found no evidence of a break-in or an infant at the property. But he allegedly refused to tell police where his wife was after being asked several times, reports CBS affiliate KUTV. The injuries were later determined to be superficial.

After a "lengthy search" of the complex, charging papers say, officers found the condo with its door ajar and blood on the door and floor. Inside was Keri McClanahan's body.

She suffered cuts to the front, back and sides of her neck, as well as other defensive wounds and carpet burns.

The scene where Keri, 28, was found dead showed that she "put up a desperate struggle" before her death, the Associated Press reported via the New York Post.

No one matching the description of Anthony McClanahan's alleged attackers appears on security footage from the entrance to the complex, documents say, and police said the keycard system for the McClanahan's unit hadn't been accessed since 9:25 p.m. November 1.

The murder weapon was a small, sharp knife, according to court documents.

After the punch, Keri McClanahan returned home to Washington, but her husband continued to contact her even as he left Arizona with his son.

Additionally, McClanahan was charged last month with kidnapping one of his children from a previous relationship.

He reportedly returned his son after he was arrested on October 12, and was later released from jail after posting bond. He was bonded out a week later, and then rented the apartment with his wife.

He went on to play for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League from 1995 to 1998. He was in training camp with Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys in 1994, he never made the 53-man roster.

"It anxious me a lot, '" she said, but "he kind of had us fooled". They had been married since January.

But his jealousy began to emerge and in September he got frustrated about a missed donation and punched her, Gauf said.

Gauf said Anthony McClanahan tried to blame his behavior on injuries he'd suffered while playing football.

Prosecutors say McClanahan, 46, was the real attacker.

Keri McClanahan eventually met him in Utah to help with his son, and stayed to help him get back on his feet after his arrest, Gauf said.

"She's such a sweetheart", Gauf said.

"He definitely dimmed her light so much and it was really hard to watch", she said.

Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony McClanahan has been arrested as the main suspect in his wife's death on Thursday morning.

No attorney was immediately listed for McClanahan.