Baby killer who punched daughter to death found 'murdered' in prison

Baby killer who punched daughter to death found 'murdered' in prison

Baby killer who punched daughter to death found 'murdered' in prison

A father who was serving a jail sentence for murdering his newborn baby daughter has been found dead in his jail cell.

A man is due to appear in court today charged with the murder of a prisoner at Armley Jail in Leeds.

But yesterday police said Deane had been found dead in his cell at HMP Leeds on Sunday.

Westfield was remanded in custody to appear at Leeds Crown Court on Thursday.

He remained handcuffed throughout the brief hearing, speaking only to confirm his personal details. Luna's mum had left her with Deane while she went to get some sleep.

Deane was jailed in October after a court heard he had subjected his daughter, named Luna, to a horrific attack after losing his temper just when she "would not stop crying".

"Luna suffered an assault at the hands of one of the people who was responsible for her care and wellbeing".

The prosecutor told the court the baby suffered injuries to her brain, body and face.

An ambulance was called after Deane had spoken to his mother, saying the baby was having difficulty breathing and had fallen and hit her head.

Deane admitted to punching Luna in the face, squeezing her body and arms and shaking her at Leeds Crown Court.

Deane broke down when interviewed by police and admitted he was responsible for attacking the baby.

A doctor concluded Luna had died after suffering head trauma, leaving her with "catastrophic brain injuries".

Dean's representation said "there is simply no explanation for the defendant's behaviour".

'His actions were wholly and utterly out of character for him.

"Seeing Luna on life support in the hospital will last with me forever", Luna's mother wrote on a victim's statement. "I would not wish it upon my worst enemy".