American Horror Story: Cult finale live stream

American Horror Story Cult Finale

American Horror Story Cult Finale

The season finale of American Horror Story: Cult, "Great Again", ends on an unmistakably cathartic note.

To see just how extraordinary things are gonna get, tune in to the finale with us! Kai's cult members will look to find their place under his reign, as the cult leader descends more and more into his homicidal nature. During this scene, it is learned that Kai has been in prison for 11 months now and has 16 men already recruited into his cult. Ally has a plan to end the cult while she is still a part of it.

Later in the kitchen, Beverly (Adina Porter) expresses to Ally that she can not handle being in the cult anymore. Two inmates show up and ask him to come with them, where they proceed to beat up and murder another inmate. We next see the cult preparing for their night of murder when Ally makes the move to walk outside and cue the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it was the time to strike. She wants Ally to kill her but Ally encourages her to hang on a little longer.

Sometime later, Ally has resumed running The Butchery (which has had success now that Ally is a public figure) and Beverly strolls in as if they were former friends ready to have a real housewives style sit-down about Kai. The conversation seems tense to say the least - but Ally invites her former cult friend to her son's birthday party anyways to prove how many f**** Ally doesn't give. In the preview, Beverly tells Ally that this is her only shot, and Ally responds by saying "they better give them a show". Giving me another Lana Winters shout out that ignites my inner AHS Asylum fanboy, bringing me complete joy.

American Horror Story Cult

It is then revealed that the prison guard was working with Ally all along to take Kai down. But, Ally continues her lie as she tells her Kai was the one who did it. Kai is next shown to be having sex with the female prison guard who follows his word as an interview airs where Ally has apparently changed her mind and come forward since their conversation over the phone. Ally's announcement - she's running for the senate which will only enrage Kai even more than we thought possible.

Later, Kai speaks with a new inmate who wants to join his cult. Ally and Beverly both got away from being accused for any of the cult doings. He is also shown getting access to a gun, which viewers of the show know will not lead to anything good. She smirks and tells Kai, "there is something more unsafe than a humiliated man. A nasty woman." leading Beverly to shoot Kai in the back of the head and help Ally skyrocket into power. This statement probably comes as a result of Kai wanting to lead himself. Fans of the franchise may ultimately see the timid Ally in a final faceoff against the murderous Kai. Overall, this was a season that was dominated with strong performances by Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and newcomer Billie Lourd.

- Though the season had a lot of things that could have been tweaked, it's casting staples made it worth the watch.