49ers' Marquise Goodwin says wife gave him strength to play Sunday

49ers' Marquise Goodwin says wife gave him strength to play Sunday

49ers' Marquise Goodwin says wife gave him strength to play Sunday

The 26-year-old also disclosed that it was Morgan who encouraged him to play Sunday against the New York Giants-a game the 49ers won 31-21 to capture their first victory of the season.

"To be able to score a touchdown and ultimately help my team get a win was just a great moment in my life and a moment I'll remember forever because I could've easily not been at the game and that never would've happened and nobody would've ever known about this story and we wouldn't be able to help ourselves and help others people along the way".

"I just wanna thank those who've genuinely prayed for @morganakamomo & myself throughout this pregnancy".

In the midst of the highlight-reel touchdown catch and crushing block, Goodwin could also be seen kneeling over an injured Giant in prayer.

"The honest to God truth, the only reason I made it through the game was because of God, my faith in God", Goodwin said. Unfortunately, we lost our baby boy due to some complications and had to prematurely deliver him early this morning around 4 am. "This was truly and an unbelievable experience and it was also a tragic experience", she wrote.

"I think he helped out every side and was pretty impressive yesterday", Shanahan said. "I just ask that you let us mourn in peace and ask that you not try and call/blow our phone up".

Morgan began having complications about a week before the birth and Goodwin said he didn't practice, missed team meetings and had little sleep leading up to kickoff.

"I pray for everybody throughout the game, even my opponents", Goodwin said. "I was so amazed".

Marquise and Morgan held their baby boy as long they could. "He looked exactly like his daddy". "I'm just grateful that I was able to play in the game and get a touchdown". But Morgan encouraged him to go. All these great things she does for me, to help me go play the way I did. "'I'll be okay.'" And he stunned both of them - and 49ers fans, most of whom knew nothing about the pregnancy or miscarriage - with his 83-yard touchdown. "He's just a genuine dude, and it was awesome to have him have that big touchdown". "I was crying. It was an wonderful moment, but it was also a very sad moment".

"For a guy to go through that, to have those emotions, to go the whole night before and really not sleeping very much and come out there and have some very pivotal plays in that game, and make a huge difference, it says a lot about the guy". "Morgan and I appreciate all the love that we've gotten".