Rescuers rush to save 10 whales stranded on Indonesian beach

Indonesian authorities strive to rescue nine stranded whales

Indonesian authorities strive to rescue nine stranded whales

People are desperately trying to save a pod of 12 sperm whales washed up on a beach in Indonesia.

Indian officials, police, soldiers and volunteers have attempted to direct nine whales after they were stranded on a beach in Aceh province of western Indonesia, a police officer said on Monday.

Dwi Aryo Tjiptohandono, WWF Indonesia's marine and fisheries campaign coordinator, said the group was investigating how the whales had come to be stranded.

"We do not know where these whales are coming from and where they are migrating to".

Some of the whales suffered from injuries but it was not clear about the cause of the wounds, according to the media. These animals will send out distress signals and members from their pod may attempt to help or mill slightly off-shore.

The largest whale stranding in New Zealand took place in 1918, when 1,000 whales stranded themselves on the Chatham Islands.