Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The Pokemon Company just announced earlier today that it's added avatar clothing based off the outfits worn by the player characters in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon to Niantic's augmented reality gaming app in order to celebrate the handheld Pokemon' game's upcoming launch.

Pokemon gamers are in for a treat. Pokemon Go is getting a surprise crossover with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

New avatar items have arrived to Pokemon GO. Still, while there are new clothes for Pokemon Go gamer's outfits, player's are advised not to expect secret additions of Alolan Pokemon. Both the male and female versions of the Pokemon GO avatar have unique sets of clothes they can equip, though their tropical theme may look a bit odd in the coming winter months.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon make their big release on November 17. This happens to be the very first time that Pokemon Go is helping in the launch of another Pokemon game.

These objects of desire are free of cost and they include: a sun hat, sandals and knickers not to mention many other things. After all, Pokemon GO still has yet to introduce the vast majority of third generation Pokemon to the game, and since the Alola region wasn't introduced until Gen 7, chances are good that it will be years before they're added.

While the wait for Alola region Pokemon in Pokemon GO may be a long one, at least Niantic has gifted fans with Sun and Moon cosmetic items to help tide them over. Could we see this as a more common practice within Pokemon GO in the future?