Sampaoli slams Chile players including Vidal and Sánchez

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez

A Chilean newspaper has published an old, off-the-record conversation with the country's former manager, Jorge Sampaoli, in which he anticipated the country's failure to qualify for the World Cup. He was already clear about them back in 2015 when he confessed to journalists about the problems of the squad.

Chile's midfield maestro, Arturo Vidal. The controversial statements were made by the Argentine during the Copa America in 2015, which Chile, the team he was managing at the time, ended up winning.

Sampaoli was speaking with a group of journalists from Radio Agriculura, several of whom have now backed up Las Ultimas Noticias' story.

Arturo Vidal produced a 180-degree turn on Wednesday insisting he was a "warrior" who would "never abandon" Chile, just hours after seemingly announcing his retirement. But speaking about some of the team he said, nearly prophetically: "None of them were at the right level for the qualifying campaign we had in front of us". He likes to drink and is not in control. One day we were flying to Lima and he asked me if he could drink a beer.

"I told him no, that there would be directors and others on the plane. He didn't listen to me and some of his teammates spotted him with a bottle of whiskey in his hands".

He explained: 'There are times when Alexis arrives for breakfast with his headphones on and sits alone in silence, not talking to anyone'.

At the same time as Chile crashed out of the qualification positions for Russian Federation 2018, Sampaoli secured a place at the summer showpiece tournament for his home nation, Argentina.with a little help from Lionel Messi.