Grandfather finds missing $24m lottery ticket in old shirt after last-minute reminder

Jimmie Smith won a $24m lottery jackpot
New York Lottery

Jimmie Smith won a $24m lottery jackpot Credit New York Lottery

As to how many of those lucky winners will pocket their money or cash it in to buy more lottery tickets? Much to his surprise, he'd been sitting on $24 million for almost a year. "I really had to convince myself this was real".

Jimmie Smith, of New Jersey, said a news report encouraged him to check his lottery ticket to see if the soon-to-expire prize could be his.

The 68-year-old retired security officer won the jackpot for a drawing on May 25, 2016.

Smith came forward as the victor on May 23, though lottery officials did not announce he had won until Wednesday.

The resigned security protect told lottery authorities he's been purchasing lottery tickets in NY and New Jersey since the 1960s yet doesn't hurry to see whether he's won.

Always check your shirt and trousers pockets before you throw your clothes in the wash, or even before you hang them back up in your closet, especially if you've recently purchased a lottery ticket.

The dad of two and grandfather of 12 doesn't appear to be in any rush to spend the money immediately, either, noting he'll let the dust settle a bit, then have an "all-family discussion" on what to do with the money, which he plans on taking as annuity payments over 26 years.