Woman plunges to her death posing for clifftop photo

Woman plunges to her death posing for clifftop photo

Woman plunges to her death posing for clifftop photo

Detective Sergeant Todd Stewart described the photos as showing her "extremely close to the edge".

Photographs found on her mobile phone showed the student happily posing with her back to the cliff-edge in the seconds before her death.

The coroner said he would welcome further research into methods of preventing further deaths at the tourist spot.

After the 999 call, I called the Korean Embassy.' Jin Gyeong Jang, another witness, said: 'I saw her standing then heard sound of a bang, then she was not there.

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a conclusion of death by misadventure on the 23-year-old South Korean student who fell from the cliffs just east of Cuckmere Haven on June 22 this year.

"At the end of the day if people place themselves in extreme danger there's limits to the extent to which they can be stopped".

Two witnesses gave their statements, with one stating that they had dialed "999" for help as well as called the Korean Embassy.

She had just arrived in the United Kingdom to learn English but things turned awry when the young student was out sightseeing.

Firefighter Richard Harrison said: "We were told a young woman had fallen from the highest point of the Seven Sisters number one".

"There seemed to be a lot of people at the top of the cliffs".

A post mortem examination concluded Hyewon Kim died from catastrophic head injuries.

Councillors in nearby Seaford town weeks later discussed having warning signs for visitors at Seven Sisters translated into languages other than English at the spot popular with tourists. In south of England she also wanted to visit famous seven-sisters cliffs.

He said: "This death is not unique".

'Very sadly, whatever is done by way of signage, we should be lucky if this is the last one, ' he added.