What's at stake in Venezuela vote for governors — AP Explains

Russian oil companies have been making major investments in the region - paying billions to the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela, exploring wells in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and cozying up to Argentina's government - and cultivating a reserve of friends in the Western Hemisphere. He added that Venezuelan authorities will be alerting Interpol in hopes of obtaining his capture.

There contenders include 23 main candidates each for the socialist party and the opposition. "We had a very big operation in Venezuela, so I agreed and I agreed to pay him US $50 million during the campaign".

"Everything is a permanent advertisement for 'chavismo, '" said David Smilde, a Tulane University sociologist who studies Venezuela.

The de facto judges were first appointed by the opposition-controlled National Assembly (AN) in July, after legislators declared the official TSJ illegitimate.

A longtime government loyalist, Ortega has become one of Maduro's fiercest critics after breaking with his government in late March.

Maduro's regime responded to the statements the same day they were released. "There's no point in ruining ties with Russia", he said. "On the contrary, we are actively working and encouraging the government and the opposition to negotiate", Lavrov said in New York, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in September.

Diaz fled Venezuela in August after being ousted from her position as chief prosecutor by the new and powerful constituent assembly.

Odebrecht acknowledged in a U.S. Justice Department plea agreement that it paid bribes throughout Latin America to secure lucrative contracts.

CNE president Tibisay Lucena said Friday that officials had made a number of candidate substitutions and would soon publish a final list. "And we will not lift the sanctions on these repressive regimes until they restore political and religious freedom for their people", Trump said. "It's an important moment for reaffirming the legitimacy of the National Assembly", she said. This time it is expected to have representatives on hand to compare paper printouts with national tallies.

But support for the former bus driver turned union leader and then president has spiralled downwards since he was elected in 2013, even though he has tried to maintain Chavez's socialist policies.

Whoever takes office will have a full slate of problems to tackle and no easy solutions.

Analysts project inflation, already in the triple digits, could surpass 1,000 percent this year.

The magistrates designated by the Parliament have been holed up for more than two months in embassies in Caracas or exiled in other countries.

Many worry the crisis will only grow worse.

"Get out and vote, win and free the country from the dictatorship of Maduro", said Capriles, the outgoing governor of Miranda province. Its crime and murder rate is also among the world's highest. Smilde and others say the constitutional assembly could take actions to thwart them, like declaring certain political parties illegal. "He was the President of the Institute of Venezuelan Rural Development (INDER)".