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Pokemon GO: Did PokeStops Get Stealth Nerfed?

Pokemon GO: Did PokeStops Get Stealth Nerfed?

It looks like Pokemon Go is having a bit of trouble with its Pokestops. On October 11, the popular augmented reality game suffered a major problem when all the PokeStops and Gyms are surprisingly giving out a couple of items for every visit instead of the typical three to five items for every stop. While it's still unclear exactly what Pokemon Go was trying to do on their end, Niantic developers "fixed" the problem by restoring a backup version of their system, one that was missing numerous PokeStops they had added to Pokemon Go over the last few days. The most recent reboot performed by the developer brought back the drop rates of the items to their original level. This explains why there were many missing PokeStops since the recently added ones were not included in the backup version. One could theorize that Niantic has made a decision to lower the number of items earned per PokeStop to try to make players rely more on microtransactions, but such a move could alienate its fanbase.

Hopefully, Niantic will finally be able to fix the issues with the Pokestops soon so that gamers can enjoy playing Pokemon Go. When this happens, it follows that Niantic Labs will implement something. Data miners found 135 Gen 3 Pokemon in the game's codes.

There was also talk about "planning to develop a new battle mode" which is no doubt the reference to the long-standing requests for PVP, but this is further away Hanke revealed.

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