Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood 'afraid' to name alleged rapists

"But because to start that process is an emotionally draining, financially draining, really everything draining thing to do and to go through and I want to do with when I'm ready".

'I haven't named my abusers for a number of reasons.

In the video, the actress admitted that she has been silent about their identities, because they are "very powerful, very rich, very entitled, and very narcissistic white men". Following the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein by women in Hollywood, the Westworld actress is sharing her thoughts on why she believes other women are often afraid to come forward too.

"And especially if these are very powerful people".

'Two: money and time and retraumatising yourself, go after the person who assaulted you takes quite a toll'. It is a terrifying thing to have to go through, mainly because you are at risk of not being believed, your career being hurt, being drained of your finances - because it costs a lot of money to file a lawsuit and go to court with somebody.

The act, she explained, could be so traumatizing and shameful that you're silenced for years - or your whole life. "Especially if all you have is your word against theirs and especially if these are very powerful people", Wood continued.

'It took me seven years after I was raped to even admit that I was raped, that I should be upset and to get help for the trauma I endured.

Although she didn't name the men, she did say she had walked out of ceremonies when they've won awards.

But she did reveal she has named them privately to everybody she knows, though she just doesn't feel "ready" to speak out publically.

She then encouraged all victims to share the names of their attackers, and for people to not work with these men and women.

The actress closed out be again reiterating how hard it is to publicly address sexual harassment and assault.

'I'm here to tell you I'm afraid, and I don't think that's my fault, ' she said.

Last year, the actress told Rolling Stone about her harrowing experiences.

'I've been raped. By a significant other while we were together. And on a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar, ' said Wood.