The old round pound: Everything you need to know

Nearly a third of the 500m still in circulation are locked inside children's money boxes.

From Monday 16 October, retailers will no longer be required to accept the old "round" United Kingdom pound coin, which is being replaced by a new twelve-sided coin.

But one third of families have no idea that the coins won't be taken by most shops after Sunday.

And another 1.1m households have no intention of changing over their old coins, a survey by 3D printing company 3Doodler found.

"Venues should ensure that all staff members are aware they should not be accepting the old pound coin after this weekend", said Kate Nichols, chief executive of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers.

"The old pound coin will soon be devalued more than Harold Wilson's 1967 'pound in your pocket" and part of the problem is that the pound coin often slips out of the pocket and between the vehicle seats'.

Earlier this week the Treasury and Royal Mint called on people to spend or bank any remaining coins.

As many parking machines have not yet converted to the new 12-sided coin there is a good reason why many vehicle owners will have a still have a stash lying about.

The government announced the release of the new 12-sided pound coin in March.