Russian woman killed in unsafe holiday stunt

Shocking Ms Borodina was rushed to hospital and died there of'serious injuries

Shocking Ms Borodina was rushed to hospital and died there of'serious injuries

A Russian woman named Natalia Borodina was enjoying a recent getaway to the Dominican Republic with a pal, reports UK's The Mirror. According to the portal, the record that was at his disposal shows how a Russian citizen in her shorts leaned out the window of a moving auto.

Footage of the accident, which happened in the Dominican Republic, was filmed by her Ukrainian friend Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, the driver of the auto.

Ms Borodina is originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, but then moved to regional capital Chelyabinsk, before relocating to Moscow.

The crash happened on a highway near Punta Cana.

Natalia Borodina leaves behind a young son.

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Playing up for the camera, Borodina is seen provocatively sticking her finger in her mouth and throwing her head back before the moment of impact.

35-year-old Natalia Borodina from Russian Federation found tragic death.

Some outlets reported she hit a lamp post while others say it was a passing auto.

Natalia Borodina was holidaying with her friend from the Ukraine. According to the media, she died from the injury she received in the hospital. It is understood she had a child.

Friends say that her family has been made aware of her horrific death.

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