Rise of the 'bromance' threatens heterosexual relationships, warn social scientists

I Love You Man Dream Works

I Love You Man Dream Works

Bromances are more emotionally satisfying and rewarding for men than romances with women - a not-so-brotastic development for the future of heterosexual relationships, a study published Thursday found.

Of the 30 men, 29 said they had cuddled with another guy, and many said they often shared a bed.

Researchers at the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom interviewed 30 straight undergraduate men, who said they felt less judged by their bros, and that it was easier to open up and resolve conflicts with their male friends than with their girlfriends.

"Given that young men are now experiencing a delayed onset of adulthood, and an extended period of adolescence, men may choose to cohabit as a functional relationship in the modern era", said Dr Robinson.

The researchers also said that "lad flicks" such as the 2012 cop movie 21 Jump Street, starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, cemented close male friendships as a desirable norm.

They found that the men felt less judged by their close male friends than by their girlfriends.

The research appeared in the Men and Masculinities journal. "Everyone knows it, and nobody is bothered by it because they do it as well", one man, named "Aaron" in the study said.

Another man surveyed, called "Martin" said: "It's like having a girlfriend, but then not a girlfriend".

Moreover, it was easier for them to overcome conflicts and express their emotions in their bromances than in their romances.