Revolutionary Transform Races mode coming soon

Rockstar has announced that next week will see the addition of Transform Races to Grand Theft Auto Online, heralding the "next evolution" of Stunt Racing with instant mid-race transitions between land, sea and air. Mid-race, the player's vehicle will change when they enter specific warps. This will allow players to instantly switch vehicles and race types - from land one second to the air or the sea the next - thanks to the flawless transition of unique stunt tracks. Three new exciting modes, including Transform Races, Condemned and Dogfight, will soon be added to the game, with more updates still to come.

One minute they will be driving a bike or flying a plane, and the next a vehicle or boat.

The video released by Rockstar provides a self-explanatory look at what to expect.

The Transform Races update launches for GTA Online on Tuesday, Oct. 17.