No DRC Presidential Poll Before 2019: Electoral Commission

Joseph Kabila

Joseph Kabila

The Security Council on Wednesday called on the authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to swiftly publish a timetable for elections intended for the African country's first peaceful transfer of power.

"The council expects a speedy publication of the electoral timetable and the implementation of the confidence-building measures. There is a consensus on this very important point", Delattre told reporters. He vowed that they will fight against it and make sure elections are held this year.

The postponement of the elections by the electoral commission would ruin an agreement between President Joseph Kabila's representatives and his opponents that the election would take place before the end 2017.

British ambassador to the United Nations Matthew Rycroft also expressed concern over the delays in the electoral process.

According to a December 31, 2016, political deal brokered by the Catholic Church, presidential polls had to be held this year to elect Kabila's successor and the PM post had to be handed to the opposition.

As a result, tensions between the two parties should soon resurface.

Briefing the Security Council at an open meeting prior to closed-door consultations, Sidikou said the security situation deteriorated in several provinces, impacting the life of civilians and the food security in the country.