Multiple shootings reportedly strike town in Sweden

Police in southern Sweden say several people have been injured in a small town known for past gang violence, butthe incident is not being investigated as terrorism.

At least four men were confirmed injured after gunshots rang out late Thursday night in a busy market here in Sweden's southern town, reports from worldwide media outlets indicated.

A major police operation is underway with the gunman reportedly at large. The shooting happened in the centre of the city, which is home to around 30,000 inhabitants.

Police Skåne spokesman Fredrik Bratt said: "We received several calls about a suspected shooting in central Trelleborg".

Bratt said: "We are blocking certain areas and will conduct a technical survey".

"I do not have any more information at this time".

According to initial reports people were shot at multiple locations.

"It's packed with police cars in the street".

Shortly thereafter, armed police arrived and cordoned off the crime scene, where witnesses had reported hearing a loud "bang". A forensics team and canine unit have been sent to the scene.