"Liverpool were really interested" - Monaco say Thomas Lemar will leave next summer

"Liverpool were really interested" - Monaco say Thomas Lemar will leave next summer

Arsenal, though, came closest in the end, upstaging Liverpool's late move for the player with an offer of around £90M for the French worldwide that Monaco accepted but that the Gunners couldn't push over the line. We are very happy that we managed to keep him.

Speaking about the contact the club had with Liverpool and Arsenal over Lemar, Vasilyev added: "Liverpool were really interested".

But definitely next summer it will be something to look at, although you know in football there are no guarantees [but ] I think it would be fair to say Thomas will have a fair chance to an exit next year.

"We plan and when it's the last days it's very hard".

'But we realise in Monaco we have a certain model, that at a certain moment when we feel it's right we have to let players go in order to be successful again. We had some players who were supposed to leave this summer but didn't leave because of X, Y, Z.

In an interview with Telegraph Sport, Vasilyev stated: "These offers came late, very late, in the market so once you can not replace a player they (the offers) become even more hard to accept".

That former full-back was melded into a central midfielder and was one of the clubs key players in the Champions League run a year ago.

'This is not about making money, it's about being successful.

"You never want to make any major changes in January, except something really extraordinary".

Asked if he expected Fabinho to stay in January, Monaco's chief executive said: "Yes, that's the idea of course. We just have to find the right time for each of them (players)".

And admirers of Lemar in the Premier League will have taken note after the Monaco Vice-President also admitted that there was a "fair chance" he would be allowed to leave at the end of the season. "I didn't check but I suspect it's too much for us".