League of Legends Founders Stop Being Managers, Return To "Making Great Games"

Riot Games’ cofounders step back into active development as the studio looks towards game two

Riot Games’ cofounders step back into active development as the studio looks towards game two

Radiant's fighting game Rising Thunder was created to be easier to pick up for players unfamiliar with the genre, just like League of Legends did with MOBAs. It dominates monthly player bases and boasts one of the largest consistent viewership on popular streaming website Twitch TV.

The Rioters note that the company has grown to 2,500 employees across 20 offices across the globe, and this growth acts as a cushion for widespread support not only for League of Legends, but Riot's other projects as well.

Riot's founders, Brandon Beck and Marc Merill, are changing their roles so that they're more in touch with active development at the company.

Riot Games has become famous around the world for its breakout esport and one of the most widely played games of all time, League of Legends.

"When we founded Riot eleven years ago, we spent virtually every waking hour of the day (and night!) thinking about how to make League of Legends as great of an experience as possible", the duo said in a post. This growth has lots of benefits: our capabilities improved, our reach broadened, and we could deliver League of Legends and esports to more players than ever before. Riot Games' current executive team-Dylan Jadeja (CFO), Scott Gelb (CTO), and Nicolo Laurent (President)-will continue to handle company operations. Specifically, they're going to "finally put the "s' in Riot Games". "We're incredibly excited to jump back into the trenches for this next chapter and look forward to sharing what we're up to along the way. Thanks to all of you for continuing to make our dream jobs possible".

Writing on the Riot Games blog, the pair (who referred to themselves by their gamertags Tryndamere & Ryze) discussed how they were looking forward to making games again after spending several years as part of the company's management structure.

Riot's second game has been the cause of much speculation of late.