Jailed for life for murder of her girlfriend

Jailed for life for murder of her girlfriend

Jailed for life for murder of her girlfriend

Miss Vaux's daughter, aged 12, was sitting in the public gallery when she was addressed directly by Judge Richard Mansell QC after he jailed Reid.

Police released the audio file on the day Gillian's daughter Becky, Lyndsey's then lover, was convicted of her murder and sentenced to nearly 19 years in prison.

An abusive girlfriend who battered her partner so badly that she was left "looking like elephant man" has been jailed for life.

Reid was also convicted of grievous bodily harm to another previous partner, Samantha Newns.

Ms Vaux had 90 separate injuries when she died - including black eyes, cuts to the lip, a cauliflower ear, bruising to the face and body, and a heavy limp.

Reid's mother, Gillian Reid, 57, was cleared of murder but found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Ms Newns.

Gillian Reid received a 12 month prison sentence suspended for 12 months. If she did not bring back enough money she would be beaten.

Judge Mansell told her she bore a "significant degree of moral blame" for Ms Vaux's death.

In the final months before her death Miss Vaux appeared downtrodden, malnourished, constantly bruised and going downhill rapidly.

She told another: 'I do get on her nerves and she just snaps'.

The jury heard that on On Sunday 22 May last year, 30-year-old Lyndsey Vaux from Platt Bridge was taken to hospital in suspected cardiac arrest, where she sadly died later that morning.

A Home Office post-mortem found that Lyndsey had died from multiple injuries and police launched an investigation into her death.

'She would also often be seen walking around the streets in the local area without shoes or appropriate clothing, sometimes in flip flops and T-shirt in pouring rain.

On one occasion, Lyndsey tried to walk away, but Becky punched her in the face, and she fell to the floor, pleading with her to stop.

But despite offers of help and police being alerted by anxious friends and locals, Lyndsey would protect her violent girlfriend and falsely claim she had been in accident or been attacked by someone else and no action was taken against Reid.

Senior Investigating Officer Bob Tonge of GMP's Major Incident Support Unit said: 'Lyndsey Vaux was subjected to years of horrific domestic abuse at the hands of her girlfriend, and no decision made here today can bring her back.

"Some neighbours knew about this abuse and did nothing". Had they given us the information that they gave us after Lyndsey's murder then we could have saved her life, and this should act as a stark reminder that we all have a responsibility to stand up to this kind of crime.

"My thoughts are with Lyndsey's family at this hard time, and I hope this sentence goes some way to finding them justice".