It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Someone Created Diet Avocados

A Spanish food company has just created 'diet' avocados and we are intrigued

A Spanish food company has just created 'diet' avocados and we are intrigued

But the manmade strain, parsed together from other avocado breed traits, will likely remain a curiosity for folks across the pond; Isla Bonita only plans to distribute these Diet Avocados in Spain for now.

"The monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in avocados help to promote a healthy blood lipid profile", says Maya Feller, R.D.N.

So, surely this means there's no need to reduce the fat content?

The avocados are grown under special soil and climate conditions to provide the same nutritional benefits with less fat, according to the company's website.

They also ripen faster and turn brown slower.

The Spanish Heart Foundation's Food Health Programme has certified this lower fat claim and the new produce item supposedly tastes just like a regular avocado and even maintains ripeness longer than traditional avocados.

However, a morning avocado on toast could be less virtuous than you think, with the UK's National Health Service recommending only one half as a portion size.

The low-fat avocado will make its debut in late October at a Madrid trade fair.

A representative for the company behind it told industry magazine Fruitnet the light version could mark the "second big jump in the development of the avocado market".