Dana White Refutes Reports Of Conor McGregor - WWE

Seems like Wrestlemania 34 next year in New Orleans is no go for McGregor but after these comments by White and McMahon, it's not a matter of IF but WHEN Conor McGregor will make the jump to Pro-Wreslting. UFC President Dana White has noted that he has a good business relationship with Triple H but it's a more hard situation with Vince McMahon.

White said, "It's not true". He revealed that he had just texted with Vince McMahon about the story and that McMahon had said it wasn't accurate.

He was urged by the hosts of the show to hand over his phone, which he actually did and the hosts confirmed his statements.

McMahon texted White that he didn't know anything about McGregor being in talks with WWE and that it was news to him, with White replying that he figured that was the case because WWE is always great about communicating with him.

McGregor, 29, hasn't set foot inside the Octagon since his historic UFC 205 victory over Eddie Alvarez, a triumph which saw him become the first fighter in the promotion's history to hold two titles simultaneously.