Paris to ban petrol cars by 2030

The move marks an acceleration in plans to wean the country off gas-guzzlers and switch to electric vehicles in a city often obliged to impose temporary bans due to surges in particle pollution in the air.

The decision is made easier for Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo by the fact that over 60% of Parisians do not own a auto. After all, 60 percent of Parisians don't even own a vehicle, authorities noted.

Parisian authorities are planning to ban the use of fossil-fuel vehicles in the city by 2030.

"When we see this increase in extreme weather, climate change is at work, and it's the responsibility of the cities that are concerned to take measures", he told France Info radio.

"This is about planning for the long term with a strategy that will reduce greenhouse gases", said Christophe Najdovski, an official responsible for transport policy at the office of Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Cars that run on electricity would not be affected.

More centrally, Paris will see major facelifts in public transport facilities in the lead up to the 2024 Olympics, including a new express train between Charles de Gaulle airport and the city centre.