Ophelia becomes record-setting 10th straight hurricane

Current trajectories show Ophelia heading for Ireland

Current trajectories show Ophelia heading for Ireland

Ophelia was moving to the northeast at 3 miles per hour with maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour with higher gusts.

University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy says Ophelia is the 10th straight tropical storm to become a hurricane in an Atlantic season.

Hurricane Ophelia is set to batter Britain over the weekendWill Hurricane Ophelia hit Britain?

While Ophelia is now a unsafe storm, by the time it lands, the high winds should have subsided. Forecasters say slight strengthening is possible over the next couple of days. Ophelia remains well away from any landmasses at the present time.

A hurricane is headed for the United Kingdom - and it's due to hit on the 30-year anniversary of the 1987 Great Storm.

"After that, indications are that by that point it will then have weakened and be no longer a hurricane or tropical storm - it will be extratropical".

Hurricane Ophelia is expected to move towards Europe in the days ahead, Silverang said.

A Weather Channel report says Florida is the most likely state to see a hurricane make landfall during this part of the hurricane season.

In contrast the east of England could see much nicer weather, with temperatures skyrocketing as the system arrives from the tropics.