MI mom jailed for not vaccinating son loses primary custody

MI mom jailed for not vaccinating son loses primary custody

MI mom jailed for not vaccinating son loses primary custody

A judge sentenced Rebecca Bredow to seven days in jail last week for contempt of court after she refusing a court order to get her son vaccinated within one week.

In court, she said vaccinating her son goes against all of her beliefs, saying parents have the choice to make the right decision based on their knowledge of vaccines.

Bredow's ex-husband wanted their son vaccinated, but she is the primary caregiver for their son.

"I take full responsibility for my actions and it was not my intent to disrespect your honor or disobey the court's orders", she said in the hearing. He had custody of the child and got him vaccinated while Rebecca Bredow was in jail.

Bredow and Horne separated before the boy was born in 2008, and since then, Bredow has had physical custody.

Bredow fought back tears as she discussed her jail stint and the rulings today.

"If my child was forced to be vaccinated, I couldn't bring myself to do it", she said.

'It's clear to me that you don't care about orders even if you agree to them, which you did, ' Judge McDonald explained during proceedings last week.

However, Bredow told WXYZ she was permitted to delay her son's shots for personal, medical or religious reasons.

MI is one of 17 states that allows for medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from vaccines.

M - A 9-year-old US boy at the center of vaccine dispute between his divorced parents received four immunizations this week, according to court testimony.

While the family had the option to wait, the child's father showed concerned about their son's well-being and took the matter to court when he lost power. She immediately appealed that decision and the court found her appeal without merit.

The recommendation will go into effect starting this weekend, but she has 21 days to appeal the Friend of the Court's decision.